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1420 Jeu(x)

$100,000 Pyramid, The (USA)
10th Frame (USA)
180 (Europe)
1942 (Europe)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (USA)
3-D Pinball - Pinball Power (Europe)
3D Construction Kit (Europe)
3D Pool (Europe)
3D Speed Duel (Europe)
3D Time Trek (Europe)
3D Tunnel (Europe)
4 Soccer Simulators (Europe)
4th & Inches (USA)
5th Gear (Europe)
720° (USA)
Aaargh! (Europe)
Aardvark (Europe)
ACE - Air Combat Emulator (Europe)
Ace 2088 (Europe)
Ace II (Europe)
Ace of Aces (Europe)
AcroJet (USA)
Action Biker (Europe)
Action Force (Europe)
Action Service (USA, Europe)
Addams Family, The (Europe)
Addicta Ball (Europe)
adidas Championship Football (Europe)
adidas Championship Tie Break (Europe)
Admiral Graf Spee (USA)
Advanced Basketball Simulator (Europe) (Budget)
Advanced Pinball Simulator (Europe)
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The (Europe)
After the War (Spain)
Afterburner (USA)
Aftermath (Alternative Software) (Europe)
Africa Gardens (Europe)
Agent X II - The Mad Prof's Back (Europe)
Ah Diddums (Europe)
Airborne Ranger (USA)
Airliner (Europe)
Airwolf (Europe)
Airwolf II (Europe)
Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress (USA)
Alien (Europe)
Alien 3 (Europe)
Alien Storm (Europe)
Aliens - The Computer Game (USA)
Alley Cat (Europe)
Altered Beast (USA)
Amaurote (Europe)
Amazing Spider-Man, The (USA)
AMC - Astro Marine Corps (Spain)
American 3D Pool (Europe)
American Football (Europe)
American Tag-Team Wrestling (Europe)
Anarchy (Europe)
Andy Capp - The Game (Europe)
Angle Ball (Europe)
Ankh (USA)
Ant Attack (Europe)
Anter Planter (Europe)
Apache Strike (USA)
APB - All Points Bulletin (Europe)
Aqua Racer (Europe)
Aquaplane (Europe)
Arac (USA, Europe)
Arc of Yesod, The (Europe)
Arcade Flight Simulator (Europe)
Arcade Trivia Quiz (Europe)
Arcadia 64 (Europe)
Arcana (Europe)
Archon (USA)
Archon II - Adept (USA)
Arcticfox (USA)
Ardok the Barbarian (USA)
Ark Pandora (Europe)
Arkanoid (Europe)
Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (Europe)
Armageddon (Ocean) (Europe)
Armageddon Man, The (Europe)
Armalyte (Europe)
Armourdillo (Europe)
Army Days (Europe)
Army Moves (Europe)
Arnie (Europe)
Arnie II (Europe)
Artura (Europe)
Assault Course (Europe)
Assault Machine (Europe)
Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (Europe)
Astonishing Adventures of Mr. Weems and the She Vampires, The (Europe)
Astro Chase (USA)
Asylum (USA)
ATF - Advanced Tactical Fighter (Europe)
Atom Ant - Up and Atom (Europe)
Atomix (Germany)
Attack of the Mutant Camels (Europe)
ATV - All Terrain Vehicle Simulator (Europe)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Europe)
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (Europe)
Australian Rules Football (Europe)
Auto Mania - Manic Mechanic (Europe)
Avenger (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Avoid the Noid (USA)
Axe of Rage (USA)
Aztec Challenge (USA)
Aztec Tomb Adventure (Europe)
B-24 (USA)
Back to Reality (Europe)
Back to the Future (Europe)
Back to the Future Part III (Europe)
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja (USA)
BadLands (Europe)
Ballblazer (USA)
Baltic 1985 - When Superpowers Collide (USA)
Banana Drama (Europe)
Bangkok Knights (Europe)
Barbarian (Europe)
Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior (Europe)
Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax (Europe)
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (Europe)
Basil the Great Mouse Detective (Europe)
Batalyx (Europe)
Bath Time (Europe)
Batman - The Caped Crusader (Europe)
Batman - The Movie (Europe)
Battle Command (Ocean) (Europe)
Battle Island (Europe)
Battle of Midway, The (Europe)
Battle Ships (Europe)
Battle Through Time (USA)
Battlefield (Europe)
Battlezone (USA)
Bazooka Bill (Europe)
BC II - Grog's Revenge (USA)
BC's Quest for Tires (USA)
Beach Buggy Simulator (Europe)
Beach-Head (USA)
Beach-Head II - The Dictator Strikes Back! (USA)
BEAM (Europe)
Beamrider (Europe) (Firebird)
Beamrider (USA)
Bear Bovver (Europe)
Beatle Quest (Europe)
Bedlam (Europe)
Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz (USA)
Better Dead Than Alien! (Europe)
Beverly Hills Cop (Europe)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (Europe)
Beyond the Black Hole (USA)
Beyond the Ice Palace (Europe)
Biff (Europe)
Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (Europe)
Big Trouble in Little China (Europe)
Bigfoot (Europe)
Biggles (Europe)
Bignoses USA Adventure (Europe)
Bingo (Europe)
Bionic Commando (USA)
Bismarck - The North Sea Chase (Europe)
Black Gold (Europe)
Black Hawk (Europe)
Black Hornet (Europe)
Black Magic (USA)
Black Tiger (Europe)
Blackwyche (USA)
Blade Runner (Europe)
Blagger (Europe)
Blagger Goes to Hollywood (Europe)
Blasteroids (Europe)
Blazing Thunder (Europe)
Blinky's Scary School (Europe)
Blizzard! Part I - Commando Libya (Europe)
Blockbusters (TV Games) (Europe)
Blood Brothers (Europe)
Blood Money (USA)
Blood Valley (Europe)
Blue Max (USA)
Blue Max 2001 (USA)
Blues Brothers, The (Europe)
BMX Freestyle Simulator (Europe)
BMX Kidz (Europe)
BMX Ninja (Europe)
BMX Racers (Europe)
BMX Simulator (Europe)
BMX Simulator II (Europe)
BMX Trials (Europe)
Bobby Bearing (Europe)
Bobsleigh (Europe)
Boggit, The - Bored Too (Europe)
Boing (Bubble Bus) (Europe)
Bomb Fusion (Europe)
Bomb Jack (Europe)
Bomb Jack II (Europe)
Bonanza Bros (Europe)
Booga-Boo the Flea (Europe)
Book of the Dead (Europe)
Booty (Europe)
Bop'n Rumble (Europe)
Bosconian 87 (Europe)
Boulder Dash II - Rockford's Revenge (USA)
Boulder Dash III (USA)
Boulder Dash (USA)
Bounces (USA)
Bounder (Europe)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (Europe)
Bozos Night Out (Europe)
Brainstorm (Europe)
BraveStarr (Europe)
Breakthru (Europe)
Brian Bloodaxe (Europe)
Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge (Europe)
Brian Jack's Uchi-Mata (Europe)
Bride of Frankenstein (Europe)
Bristles (USA)
Bruce Lee (USA)
Bubble Bobble (Europe)
Bubble Dizzy (Europe)
Bubble Ghost (USA)
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (Europe)
Bug Blaster (Europe)
Buggy Boy (Europe)
Bugsy (Europe)
Builder Ben (Europe)
Bulldog (Europe)
Bullseye (Europe)
Bully's Sporting Darts (Europe)
Bump, Set, Spike! (Europe)
Bumping Buggies (Europe)
Bunny Zap (USA)
Burger Time (Europe)
Bushido (Europe)
Butcher Hill (Europe)
Buzz Off! (Europe)
Cabal (USA)
Caesar the Cat (Europe)
Caesar's Travels (Europe)
Camelot Warriors (Spain)
Captain America in the Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (Europe)
Captain Dynamo (Europe)
Captain Fizz - Meets the Blaster-Trons (USA)
Captain Kelly (Europe)
Captive, The (Europe)
Captured (Sweden)
Carnage (Europe)
Carrier Command (Europe)
Cataclysm (Europe)
Cauldron (Europe)
Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (Europe)
Cave Fighter (Europe)
Cavelon (Europe)
Chameleon (Europe)
Championship Golf (Europe)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator (Europe)
Championship Sprint (Europe)
Championship Wrestling (USA)
Chase HQ (Europe)
Chase HQ 2 (Europe)
Chevy Chase (Europe)
Chicago's 30 (Europe)
Chickin Chase (Europe)
Chiller (Europe)
Chimera (Europe)
Chinese Juggler, The (Europe)
Chip's Challenge (USA)
Cholo (Europe)
Chomp! (USA)
Chop n' Drop (USA)
Choplifter (USA)
Chubby Gristle (Europe)
Chuckie Egg (Europe)
Chuckie Egg II (Europe)
Circus Charlie (USA)
Circus Games (Keypunch Software) (USA)
Cisco Heat (Europe)
City Fighter (Europe)
Cityattak! (Europe)
CJ in the USA (Europe)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Europe)
Classic Punter (USA)
Classic Trainer (USA)
Clean Up Time (Europe)
Clever & Smart (Europe)
Cliff Hanger (Europe)
Cloud Kingdoms (Europe)
Cobra (Europe)
Cobra Force (Europe)
CODE Hunter (Europe)
Codename-Mat II (Europe)
Colony (Europe)
Colossus Chess 4 (Europe)
Colour of Magic, The (Europe)
Combat Crazy - Warbringer (Europe)
Combat Leader (USA)
Combat Lynx (Europe)
Comet Game, The (Europe)
Comic Bakery (Europe)
Commando (Europe)
Computer Cluedo (Europe)
Computer Kensington (USA)
Computer Scrabble (Europe)
Con-Quest (Europe)
Congo Bongo (1985) (Europe)
Connect 4 (Europe)
Continental Circus (Europe)
Contra (USA)
Convoy Raider (Europe)
Cool Croc Twins (Europe)
Cool World (Europe)
CORE (Europe)
Corporation, The (USA)
Cosmic Causeway - Trailblazer II (Europe)
Cosmic Pirate (Europe)
Cosmonut (Europe)
Count Duckula - No Sax Please, We're Egyptian (Europe)
Count Duckula II featuring Tremendous Terence (Europe)
Countdown (Europe)
Countdown to Meltdown (Europe)
County Cricket (Europe)
Cowboy Kidz (Europe)
Crack Down (Europe)
Crazy Balloon (Europe)
Crazy Kong 64 (Europe)
Creatures (Europe)
Crime Time (Germany)
Critical Mass (USA)
Crossfire (Atlantis Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Crystal Castles (US Gold) (Europe)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Europe)
Cuddly Cuburt (Europe)
Cup Football (Europe)
Curse of Babylon (USA)
Curse of Sherwood, The (Europe)
Cybotron (Europe)
Cycles, The - International Grand Prix Racing (USA)
Cylu (Europe)
Cyrus II - The Grand Master (Europe)
Dalek Attack (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (Europe)
Daley Thompson's Super-Test (Europe)
Dallas Quest, The (USA)
Dam Busters, The (Europe)
Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future (Europe)
Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (Europe)
Dan Dare III - The Escape (Europe)
Dandy (Europe)
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (Europe)
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (Europe)
Dare Devil Denis - The Sequel (Europe)
Dark Empire (Europe)
Dark Fusion (Europe)
Dark Star (Europe) (ACE)
Darkman (Europe)
David's Midnight Magic (USA)
Davy - King of the Wild Frontier (Europe)
Days of Thunder (USA)
Deactivators (Europe)
Dead or Alive (Europe)
Deadline (Infocom) (USA)
Deadly Evil (Europe)
Deathscape - The Warzones of Terra (USA)
Deathwish III (Europe)
Decathlon (USA)
Deceptor (Europe)
Deep Strike (Europe)
Deep, The (Europe)
Defender 64 (Europe)
Defender of the Crown (USA)
Defenders of the Earth (Europe)
Deflektor (Europe)
Delta (Europe)
Demon Knight (Europe)
Demon's Kiss (Europe)
Destroyer Escort (USA)
Destruct (Europe)
Detective Game, The (Europe)
Deus Ex Machina (Europe)
Deviants (Europe)
Devil's Island (Europe)
Diablo (Europe)
Diamond Trail (Europe)
Dick Tracy (Europe)
Dicky's Diamonds (Europe)
Dictator (Europe)
Die Hard II - Die Harder (Europe)
Die! Alien Slime (Europe)
Dinky Doo (Europe)
Dizasterblaster (Europe)
Dizzy - Down the Rapids (Europe)
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk! (Europe)
Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Europe)
Dizzy Dice (Europe)
DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers (Europe)
Doc the Destroyer (Europe)
Dogfight 2187 (USA)
Dolphin's Rune, The (USA)
Dominator (Europe)
Donald Duck's Playground (USA)
Donkey Kong (Ocean) (Europe)
Donkey Kong Junior (Europe)
Double Dare (Europe)
Double Dragon (Europe)
Double Dragon II - The Revenge (Europe)
Double Dragon III - The Rosetta Stone (USA)
Double Take (Europe)
Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide (Europe)
Dragonstrike (USA)
Dream Warrior (Europe)
Drelbs (USA)
Driller (Europe)
Druid (Europe)
Duck Shoot (Europe)
Dungeon Adventure (Europe)
Dynamic Duo (Europe)
Dynamite Dan (Europe)
Dynamite Düx (USA)
Dynamix (Europe)
Dynasty Wars (Europe)
E-Motion (Europe)
Eagles (SSI) (USA)
Eddie Edwards Super Ski (Europe)
Eidolon, The (USA)
Election Game, The (Europe)
Elevator Action (Europe)
Elidon (Europe)
Eliminator (Hewson Consultants Ltd.) (Europe)
Elite (Europe)
Elven Warrior (Europe)
Empire Strikes Back, The (Europe)
Encounter (Novagen Software) (Europe)
Enduro Racer (USA)
Endzone (Europe)
Energy (Warrior) (Europe)
Enigma Force (USA)
Enlightenment - Druid II (Europe)
Entombed (USA)
Equinox (Europe)
Erebus (Europe)
Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit (USA)
Escape MCP (USA)
Espionage (Grandslam Entertainment Ltd.) (Europe)
ESWAT (Europe)
European Champions (Challenge Software) (Europe)
European Soccer Challenge (Europe)
Evening Star (Europe)
Everyone's a Wally (Europe)
Every Second Counts (Europe)
Excaliba (Europe)
Exile (Europe)
Exolon (Europe)
Exploding Wall (Europe)
Explorer (Europe)
Express Raider (USA)
Exterminator (Audiogenic Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Extreme (Europe)
Eye (Europe)
Eye of Horus (Europe)
F-15 Strike Eagle (USA)
F-16 Combat Pilot (Europe)
F1 Tornado (Europe)
Falcon - The Renegade Lord (Europe)
Falcon Patrol II (Europe)
Fallen Angel (Europe)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Europe)
Fast Break (USA)
Fast Food! (Europe)
Fernandez Must Die (Europe)
Fifth Quadrant, The (Europe)
Fight Night (Europe)
Fighter Pilot (Europe)
Fighting Soccer (USA)
Fighting Warrior (Europe)
Fighting Warrior ~ Kung-Fu II - Sticks of Death (Europe)
Final Blow (USA)
Final Fight (Europe)
Finders Keepers (Europe)
Fire Track (Europe)
Firefly (Europe)
Firelord (Europe)
Fireman Sam - The Hero next Door (Europe)
Firepit (Europe)
FireTrap (Europe)
First Samurai (Europe)
First Strike (Europe)
Fist - The Legend Continues (USA)
Fist Fighter (Europe)
Fist+ (Europe)
Flak - The Ultimate Flight Experience (USA)
Flying Feathers (Europe)
Flying Shark (Europe)
Football Manager (Europe)
Football Manager - World Cup Edition (Europe)
Football Manager II (Europe)
Football Manager III (Europe)
Footballer of the Year (Europe)
Forbidden Forest (USA)
Force One (Europe)
Force, The (Argus Press Software) (Europe)
Forgotten Worlds (Europe)
Formula 1 Simulator (Europe)
Fort Apocalypse (USA)
Frankenstein (Zeppelin Games) (Europe)
Frankenstein Jnr. (Europe)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Europe)
Freak Factory (Europe)
Fred's Back (Germany)
Fred's Back II (Germany)
Fred's Back III (Germany)
Friday the 13th (Europe)
Frightmare (Europe)
Frogger (Parker Brothers) (USA)
Frogger 64 (Europe)
Frogrun 64 (Europe)
Front Line (Europe)
Frost Byte (Europe)
Frosty's Busy Night! (Europe) (Unl)
Fruit Machine Simulator (Europe)
Fruit Machine Simulator II (Europe)
Fruitbank (Europe) (Unl)
Fruity (Europe)
Fungus (Europe)
Future Bike Simulator (Europe)
Future Knight (Europe)
G-Loc R360 (Europe)
Galaxy (Kingsoft) (Europe)
Gandalf the Sorcerer (USA)
Gangster (Europe)
Gaplus (Europe)
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (Europe)
Garfield - Winter's Tail (Europe)
Gary Lineker's Hot Shot (Europe)
Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer (Europe)
Gates of Dawn (Europe)
Gateway to Apshai (USA)
Gauntlet (USA)
Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons (Europe)
Gauntlet II (USA)
Gazza II (Europe)
GeeBee Air Rally (USA)
Gemini Wing (Europe)
Gemstone Warrior (USA)
Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge (Europe)
GFL Championship Football (USA)
Ghost Hunters (Europe)
Ghostbusters (USA)
Ghostbusters II (USA)
Ghosts'n Goblins (Europe)
Ghouls (Europe)
Ghouls'n'Ghosts (Europe)
GI Joe (USA)
Gilbert - Escape from Drill (Europe)
Gilligans Gold (Europe)
Gladiator (Domark) (Europe)
Glider Rider (Europe)
Goblin Towers (Europe)
Gogo the Ghost (Europe)
Golden Axe (Europe)
Golf Master (Europe)
Goonies, The (USA)
Gothik (Europe)
Gothmog's Lair (USA)
Grand Monster Slam (Europe)
Grand Prix (Europe)
Grand Prix Circuit (USA)
Grand Prix Master (Spain)
Grand Prix Simulator (Europe)
Grand Prix Simulator II (Europe)
Grange Hill (Europe)
Green Beret (Europe)
Gremlins - The Adventure (USA)
Gremlins II - The New Batch (Europe)
Greyfell - The Legend of Norman (USA)
Gribbly's Day Out (Europe)
Gridrunner II - Attack of the Mutant Camels (USA)
Gridtrap (Europe)
Grid Iron II (Europe)
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The (Europe)
Gryzor (Europe)
Guadalcanal (USA)
Guardian Angel, The (Europe)
Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (Europe)
Guerrilla War - Hail the Heroes (Europe)
Gunboat (Europe)
Hacker (USA)
Hacker II - The Doomsday Papers (USA)
Hades Nebula (Europe)
Happiest Days of Your Life, The (Europe)
Harbour Attack (Europe)
Hard Drivin' (Europe)
HardBall! (USA)
Harrier Attack (Europe)
Harvey Headbanger (Europe)
Harvey Smith Showjumper (Europe)
Hat Trick (USA)
HATE - Hostile All Terrain Encounter (Europe)
Havoc (Players Premier) (Europe)
Hawk Storm (Europe)
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Europe)
Head over Heels (Europe)
Headache (Europe)
Hellfire Attack (USA, Europe)
Hellgate (Europe)
Hellhole (Europe)
Helm, The (Europe)
Helter Skelter (Europe)
Herbert's Dummy Run (Europe)
Herby (Netherlands)
Herobotix (Europe)
Heroes of Karn, The (Europe)
Heroes of the Lance (USA)
Hexpert (Europe)
Hideous Bill & the Gi-Gants (Europe)
High Frontier (USA)
High Noon Shootout (Europe)
High Rollers (USA)
Highlander (Europe)
Highway Encounter (Europe)
Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (Europe)
Hollywood Hijinx (USA)
Hopper Copper (Europe)
Hoppin' Mad (Europe)
Horace Goes Skiing (Europe)
Hostages (France)
Hover Bovver (Europe)
Howard the Duck - Adventure on Volcano Island (USA)
Hudson Hawk (Europe)
Human Race, The (Europe)
Hummdinger (Europe)
Humpty Dumpty Meets the Fuzzy Wuzzies (Europe)
Hunchback (Europe)
Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge (Europe)
Hungry Horace (Europe)
Hunt for Red October, The (Europe)
Hunter's Moon (Europe)
Hustler (Europe)
Huxley Pig (Europe)
Hyber Blob (Europe)
Hybrid (USA)
Ice Hunter (Europe)
Ice Palace (Creative Sparks) (Europe)
Ikari Warriors (Elite) (Europe)
Imagination (Europe)
Imhotep (USA)
Impact (Europe)
Implosion (Europe)
Implosion (USA, Europe)
Impossible Mission (USA)
Impossible Mission II (USA)
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (USA, Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (USA, Europe)
Indiana Jones in the Lost Kingdom (USA)
Intergalactic Cage Match (Europe)
International 3D Tennis (Europe)
International Ice Hockey (Europe)
International Karate (Europe)
International Karate+ (Europe)
International Ninja Rabbits (Europe)
International Rugby Simulator (Europe)
International Soccer (USA)
International Speedway (Europe)
International Truck Racing (Europe)
Into the Eagle's Nest (Europe) (Unl)
Jail Break (USA)
James Pond II - Codename RoboCod (Europe)
Jaws (Europe)
Jeep Command (Europe)
Jet Bike Simulator (Europe)
Jet Set Willy (Europe)
Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier (Europe)
Jet-Boys (USA)
Jetsons, The (Europe)
Jinks (Europe)
Jinn-Genie (Europe)
John Elway's Quarterback (Europe)
Johnny Reb (USA, Europe)
Johnny Reb II (Europe)
Jonny Quest in Doctor Zin's Underworld (Europe)
Judge Dredd (Virgin Mastertronic) (Europe)
Jump Jet (Europe)
Jump! Machine (Europe)
Jumpin Jack (Europe)
Jumpin' Jimmy (Europe)
Jumpman (USA)
Jumpman Junior (USA)
Kaiser (Europe)
Kane (Europe)
Kane II (Europe)
Karateka (USA)
Karnov (USA)
Kat Trap - Planet of the Cat-Men (Europe)
Katakis (Europe)
Kayleth (Europe)
Kennedy Approach (USA)
Kenny Dalglish Soccer (Europe)
Kentilla (Europe)
Kentucky Racing (Europe)
Ket Trilogy, The (Europe)
Kettle (Europe)
KGB Superspy (Europe)
Kick Box Vigilante (Europe)
Kick Off (Anco) (Europe)
Kick Off II (Europe)
Kikstart (Europe)
Kikstart II - The Construction Set (Europe)
Killed Until Dead (USA)
Kinetik (Europe)
Klax (Europe)
Knight Rider (Europe)
Knight-Tyme (Europe)
Knightmare (USA)
Knights of the Desert (USA)
Knockout (Europe)
Knuckle Buster (Europe)
Kong (Anirog Software) (Europe)
Koronis Rift (USA)
Krakout (Europe)
Krypton (Europe)
Krystals of Zong (Europe)
Kung-Fu - The Way of the Exploding Fist (Europe)
Kung-Fu Master (USA)
Kwah (Europe)
Kwik Snax (Europe)
Laser Force (Europe)
Laser Squad (Europe)
Laser Zone (Europe)
Last Amazon Trilogy, The (Europe) (Unl)
Last Battle (Europe)
Last Duel (Europe)
Last V8, The (Europe)
Law of the West (USA)
Lawn Tennis (Europe)
Lazer Tag (Europe)
Lazy Jones (Europe)
Leaderboard Golf (USA)
Legend of Kage (Europe)
Legend of the Amazon Women (USA)
Legend of the Apache Gold, The (Europe)
Licence to Kill (Europe)
Line of Fire (Europe)
Little Puff in Dragonland (Europe)
Live and Let Die (Europe)
Living Daylights, The (Europe)
Livingstone, I Presume (Europe)
Loco (Alligata Software) (Europe)
Locomotion (Kingsoft) (Europe)
Lode Runner (Br0derbund) (USA)
Loopz (Europe)
Lords of Chaos (Europe)
Lords of Conquest (USA)
Lords of Time (Europe)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Europe)
Mad Doctor (Europe)
Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge (Europe)
Mad Nurse (Europe)
Madballs (Europe)
Madness (Rainbow Arts) (Europe)
Maggotmania (USA)
Magic Carpet (Europe)
Magic Madness (Europe)
Magic Serpent C64 (Germany)
Magicland Dizzy (Europe)
Magnetron (Europe)
Manic Miner (Europe)
Marauder (Europe)
Marble Madness (USA)
Mario Bros (USA)
Master of the Lamps (USA)
Masters of the Universe - The Movie (Europe)
Masters of Time (USA)
Match Day (Europe)
Match Day II (Europe)
Match Point (Europe)
Match, The (Europe)
Max Headroom (Europe)
Mayday Squad! (Europe)
Mayhem in Monsterland (Europe)
Maze Mania (Europe)
Mean Machine (Europe)
Mean Streak (Europe)
Mediator (Europe)
Mega-Apocalypse (Europe)
Meganova - The Weapon (Europe)
Megawarz (Europe)
Melonmania (Europe)
Mercenary - Escape from Targ (Europe)
Mercs (Europe)
Mermaid Madness (Europe)
Metro Blitz (Europe)
Metro-Cross (Europe)
Miami Chase (Europe)
Mickey Mouse (Europe)
Micro Ball (Europe)
Micro Rhythm (Europe)
Microcosm (Europe)
Microprose Soccer (USA)
Midnight Resistance (Europe)
Mig Alley Ace (USA)
Mig-29 Soviet Fighter (Europe)
Mighty Bombjack (Europe)
Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz (Europe)
Mikie (Europe)
Milk Race (Europe)
Mind Control (Europe)
Mindroll (USA)
Miner 2049'er (USA)
Mini Putt (USA)
Mission Elevator (Europe)
Mission Genocide (Europe)
Mission Omega (Europe)
Monte Carlo Casino (Europe)
Montezuma's Revenge (USA)
Monty Mole (Europe)
Monty on the Run (Europe)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (Europe)
Moon Buggy! (Europe)
Moon Cresta (Europe)
Moon Patrol (Atarisoft) (USA)
Moon Shuttle (USA)
MoonShadow (Idea Software) (Europe)
Moontorc (Europe)
Moonwalker - The Computer Game (Europe)
Motocross (Codemasters) (Europe)
Motor Mania (USA)
Motor Massacre (Europe)
Mountain Bike Racer (Europe)
Movie Monster Game, The (USA)
Mr. Angry (Europe)
Mr. Freeze (Europe)
Mr. Heli (Europe)
Mr. Wimpy - The Hamburger Game (Europe)
Mr. Wino (Europe)
Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe)
Muncher Eats Chewits, The (Europe)
Munsters, The (Europe)
Murder off Miami (Europe)
Murder on the Atlantic (Infogrames) (France)
Murder on the Mississippi - The Adventures of Sir Charles Foxworth (USA)
Murray Mouse Super Cop (Europe)
Mutant Monty (Europe)
Mutants (Europe)
Mystery of the Nile, The (Europe)
Nemesis (Europe)
Nemesis the Warlock (Europe)
Neoclyps (Europe)
Nether Earth (Europe)
Netherworld (Europe)
Nexus (Europe)
Nick Faldo Plays the Open (Europe)
Night Breed (Europe)
Night Mission Pinball (USA)
Night Racer (Europe)
Night Raid (Europe) (Unl)
Night Shade (Europe)
Night Shift (Europe)
Night Shift (USA, Europe)
Ninja (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Ninja Commando (Europe)
Ninja Hamster (Europe)
Ninja Massacre (Europe)
Ninja Master, The (Europe)
Ninja Rabbits (Europe)
Ninja Scooter Simulator (Europe)
Ninja Spirit (USA)
NorthStar (Europe)
Nuclear Embargo (Europe)
Octapolis (Europe)
Octoplex (Europe)
Odyssey (K-Tek + K-Tel Software, Inc.) (USA)
Official Father Christmas, The (Europe)
Oh No! (Europe)
Ollie's Follies (USA)
Olympic Skier (Europe)
On Court Tennis (USA)
On Cue (Europe)
On Field Football (USA)
On the Bench (Europe)
On the Tiles (Europe)
One Man and his Droid (Europe)
Operation Hanoi (Europe)
Operation Hormuz (Europe)
Operation Whirlwind (USA)
Operation Wolf (USA)
Orc Attack (Europe)
Orion (Europe)
Osmium (Europe)
Out Run (Europe)
Out Run (USA)
P-47 (Europe)
Pac-Land (Europe)
Pac-Mania (Europe)
Pakacuda (USA)
Pandora (Europe)
Pang (Europe)
Panic Dizzy (Europe)
Panther (Europe)
Panzer Battles (Australia)
Paperboy (Europe)
Paradroid (Europe)
Parallax (Ocean) (Europe)
Park Patrol (Europe)
Park Patrol (USA)
Passing Shot (Europe)
Pastfinder (USA)
Patton vs Rommel (USA)
Pedro (Europe)
Penetrator (Europe)
Pesky Painter (Europe)
Peter Beardsley's International Football (Europe)
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (Europe)
Phalsberg (USA) (Unl)
Pick 'n' Pile (Europe)
Pictionary - The Game of Quick Draw (Europe)
Pigs in Space (Europe)
Pinball Construction Set (USA)
Pinball Wizard (Europe)
Ping-Pong (Imagine + Konami) (Europe)
Pink Panther (Europe)
Pipe Mania (Europe)
Plasmatron (USA)
Pneumatic Hammers (Europe)
Pocket Rockets (USA)
POD - Proof of Destruction (Europe)
Pogo Stick Olympics (Europe)
Pole Position (USA)
Pole Position II (USA)
Poltergeist (Europe)
Popeye (Piranha + Macmillan Ltd.) (Europe)
Popeye II (Europe)
Popeye III - Wrestle Crazy (Europe)
Poseidon - Planet Eleven (Europe)
Postman Pat (Europe)
Postman Pat II (Europe)
Postman Pat III (Europe)
Potsworth (Europe)
Potty Painter - In The Jungle (Europe)
Potty Pigeon (Europe)
Power Drift (USA)
Power Pyramids (Europe)
Powerboat Simulator (Europe)
Powerplay - The Game of the Gods (USA)
PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon (USA)
Predator (USA)
Predator II (Europe)
President (Europe)
Prince, The (Europe)
Prison Riot (Europe)
Pro Boxing Simulator (Europe)
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator (Europe)
Pro Tennis Simulator (Europe)
Prodigy, The (Europe)
Professional Skateboard Simulator (Europe)
Professional Ski Simulator (Europe)
Professional Snooker Simulator (Europe)
Prohibition (France)
Project SOL (Europe)
Project Stealth Fighter (USA)
Protector (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Protium (Europe)
Psi 5 Trading Company (USA)
Psycastria (Europe)
Psycho Hopper (Europe)
Psycho Pigs UXB (Europe)
Psytron (USA)
Pub Trivia (Europe)
Puffy's Saga (France)
Pulse Warrior (Europe)
Pulsoid (Europe)
Punch and Judy (Europe)
Punchy (Europe)
Purple Turtles (Europe)
Puzzle Panic (USA)
Puzznic (Europe)
Pyjamarama! (Europe)
Pyramid, The (Fantasy Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Quake Minus One (Europe)
Quartet (USA)
Quasar (Europe)
Quasar Zone (USA)
Quasimodo (USA)
Quedex (Europe)
Quest for the Golden Eggcup, The (Europe)
Quest for the Holy Grail, The (Europe)
Quest of Merravid, The (Europe)
Question of Sport, A (Europe)
Questprobe 1 - The Incredible Hulk (USA)
Questprobe 2 - Spider-Man (USA)
Questprobe 3 - The Human Torch and the Thing (USA)
Quill, The - Adventure Writing System (Europe)
Quintic Warrior (Europe)
Raid over Moscow (USA)
Railroad Works, The (USA)
Rainbow Islands (Europe)
Rally Cross (Anco) (Europe)
Rally Cross (Codemasters) (Europe)
Rally Driver (Europe)
Rally Simulator (Europe)
Rambo - First Blood Part II (Europe)
Rambo III - The Rescue (Europe)
Rampage (USA)
Rampart (Europe)
Ramparts (Europe)
Ranarama (Europe)
Rapid Fire (Europe)
Rasputin (Europe)
Raster Runner (Europe)
Rasterscan (Europe)
Rattler (Europe)
Raw Recruit (Europe)
Re-Bounder (Europe)
Real Ghostbusters, The (USA)
Real Stunt Experts, The (Europe)
Realm of Impossibility (USA)
Realm! (Europe)
Rebel (Europe)
Rebel Planet (Europe)
Reckless Rufus (Europe)
Red Arrows (Europe)
Red Heat (Europe)
Red Led (Europe)
Red Max (Europe)
Red Moon (Europe)
Renegade III - The Final Chapter (Europe)
Repton III (Europe)
Rescue on Fractalus! (USA)
Return to Oz (Europe)
Revelation (Europe)
Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Europe)
Revs (Europe)
Richard Petty's Talladega (USA)
Rick Dangerous (Europe)
Rick Dangerous II (USA)
Ricochet (Europe)
Rigel's Revenge (Europe)
Rimrunner (Europe)
Road Runner (Europe)
Road Warrior (Europe)
RoadBlasters (Europe)
Roadwar Europa (USA)
Roadwars (Europe)
Robin Hood - Legend Quest (Europe)
Robin of Sherwood - The Touchstones of Rhiannon (USA)
Robin of the Wood (Europe)
RoboCop (Europe)
RoboCop II (Europe)
RoboCop III (Europe)
Robozone (Europe)
Rock n' Bolt (USA)
Rock 'n Wrestle (Europe)
Rock Star Ate my Hamster, A (Europe)
Rock'n Roll (Europe)
Rocket Ball (Europe)
Rogue (Europe)
Rogue Trooper (Europe)
Rollaround (Europe)
Rolling Ronny (Europe)
Rolling Thunder (Europe)
Rommel - Battles for North Africa (Australia)
Ronald Rubberduck (Europe)
Room Ten (Europe)
Roy of the Rovers (Europe)
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (Europe)
Run the Gauntlet (Europe)
Running Man, The (Europe)
Rygar (Europe)
Sabotage (Europe)
Saboteur (Durell Software) (Europe)
Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (Europe)
Sabre Wulf (Europe)
Sacred Armour of Antiriad, The (Europe)
Sailing (USA)
Saint Dragon (USA)
Salamander (Europe)
Samantha Fox Strip Poker (Europe)
Sanxion (Europe)
Saracen (USA)
SAS Combat Simulator (Europe)
Savage (Europe)
Schizofrenia (Europe)
Scooby and Scrappy Doo (Europe)
Scooby Doo (Europe)
Scorpion (Europe)
Scorpius (Europe)
Scout (Europe)
Scramble Spirits (Europe)
Scrolls of Abadon, The (USA)
Scruples (Europe)
Scuba Dive (Europe)
Scuba Kidz (Europe)
SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (USA)
Seabase Delta (Europe)
Seaside Special (Europe)
Seawar (Netherlands)
Sentinel (Synapse Software) (USA)
Seymour at the Movies (Europe)
Sgt Slaughters Mat Wars (USA)
Shadow Dancer (Europe)
Shadow Skimmer (Europe)
Shadow Warriors (Europe)
Shadowfire (USA)
Shadows of Mordor, The (Europe)
Shamus (USA)
Shanghai Karate (Europe)
Shanghai Warriors (Europe)
Shao-Lin's Road (Europe)
Shard of Inovar (Europe)
Shinobi (Europe)
Shockway Rider (Europe) (Unl)
Shogun (Europe)
Shoot Out (Europe)
Sidearms, Hyper Dyne (USA)
Sigma 7 (Europe)
Silent Service (USA)
Silicon Warrior (USA)
Sim City (France)
Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Space Mutants (Europe)
Skool Daze (Europe)
Skramble (Anirog Software) (Europe)
Skull and Crossbones (Europe)
Sky High Stuntman (Europe)
Sky Runner (Europe)
Sky Shark (USA)
Skyfox (Europe)
Skyfox (USA)
Skyline Attack (Europe)
Slaine (USA)
Slam-Dunk (Europe)
Slapshot (USA)
Smash TV (Europe)
SMASHED - The Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of Detroit (Europe)
Snare (Thalamus) (Europe)
Snoball in Hell (Europe)
Snooker (Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Snoopy (Netherlands)
Soccer Challenge (Europe)
Soccer Director (USA)
Solo Flight (USA)
Solomon's Key (Europe)
Son of Blagger (Europe)
Sonic Boom (USA)
Sooper Froot (USA)
Sooty and Sweep's Fun with Numbers (Europe)
Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The (USA)
Sorcery (Europe)
Soulless (Europe) (Unl)
Space Academy (Europe)
Souls of Darkon (Europe)
Space Crusade (Europe)
Space Gun (Europe)
Space Harrier (USA)
Space Harrier II (Europe)
Space Hunter (Europe)
Space Pirate (Europe)
Space Rider (Europe)
Space Station Oblivion (USA)
Space Taxi (Europe)
Space Tunnel (Europe)
Space-Pilot (Europe)
Space-Pilot II (Europe)
Spacebike (Europe)
Spaghetti Western Simulator (Europe)
Spartacus - The Swordslayer (Europe)
Speed King (Digital Integration) (Europe)
Speed King (Europe)
Speed Zone (Europe)
Speedball (Europe)
Speedball II (Europe)
Spellbound (MAD) (Europe)
Spellbound Dizzy (Europe)
Spherical (Europe)
Spikey in Transylvania (Europe)
Spiky Harold (Europe)
Spindizzy (USA)
Spitfire '40 (Europe)
Spitfire Ace (MicroProse Software) (USA)
Splat! (Europe)
Split Personalities (Europe)
Spooks (Europe)
Spooky Castle (Europe)
Spore (Europe)
Spy Hunter (USA)
Spy Trek (USA)
Spy vs Spy (USA)
Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper (USA)
Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics (USA)
Sqij! (Europe)
Squirm (Europe)
Staff of Karnath, The (USA)
Stairways (Europe)
Star Control (USA)
Star Crash (Europe)
Star Paws (Europe)
Star Raiders II (Europe)
Star Rank Boxing II (USA)
Star Trader (Europe)
Star Trek (Interceptor Software) (Europe)
Star Trek - The Rebel Universe (Europe)
Star Trooper (Europe)
Starace (Europe)
Starforce Fighter (Europe)
Starglider (Europe)
Star League Baseball (USA)
Starquake (Europe)
Stationfall (USA)
Stealth (USA)
Stealth Mission (USA)
Steel Eagle (Europe)
Steel Thunder (USA)
Steg the Slug (Europe)
Stifflip & Co. (Europe)
Sting 64 (Europe)
Stir Crazy featuring BoBo (France)
Stock Car (Europe)
Stocker (USA)
STORM (Europe)
Storm Across Europe (USA)
Storm Warrior (Elite+Encore) (Europe)
Stormbringer (Europe)
Stormlord (Europe)
Strangeloop (Europe)
Street Cred Boxing (Europe)
Street Cred Football (Europe)
Street Fighter (USA)
Street Fighter II (Europe)
Street Gang (Europe)
Street Hassle (Europe)
Street Rod (USA) (Side A)
Street Sports Basketball (USA)
Street Sports Soccer (USA)
Street Surfer (Europe)
Street Warriors (Europe)
Strider (Europe)
Strider II (Europe)
Strike Force Cobra (Europe)
Strike Force Harrier (Europe)
Stroker (Europe)
STUN Runner (Europe)
Stunt Bike Simulator (Europe)
Stunt Car Racer (Europe)
Sub Hunt 64 (Europe)
Subsunk (Europe)
Subway Vigilante (Europe)
Suicide Express (Europe)
Summer Camp (Europe)
Super Boulder Dash (USA)
Super Bowl XX (Europe)
Super Cycle (USA)
Super Dogfight (Europe)
Super Dragon Slayer (Europe)
Super Gran (Europe)
Super Hang-On (Europe)
Super Hero (Europe)
Super Huey (USA)
Super League (Europe)
Super Pipeline (Europe)
Super Pipeline II (Europe)
Super Rider (Europe)
Super Robin Hood (Europe)
Super Scramble Simulator (Europe)
Super Seymour (Europe)
Super Skramble! (Europe)
Super Stunt Man (Europe)
Super Trolley (Europe)
Super Zaxxon (US Gold+SEGA) (Europe)
Superkid (Europe)
Superman - The Game (USA)
Superstar Ice Hockey (USA)
Superstar Ping-Pong (Europe)
SuperTed (Europe)
Supremacy (Europe)
Suspended (USA)
SWAT (Europe)
T-Bird (Europe)
Tales of the Arabian Nights (Europe)
Tales of the Cat (Europe)
Tank (Ocean) (Europe)
Tank Atak (Europe)
Tanks (RadarSoft) (Netherlands)
Tapper (USA)
Target Renegade (Europe)
Tarzan (Europe)
Task III (Europe)
Taskforce (Europe)
Tau Ceti (Europe)
TechnoCop (Europe)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op! (Europe)
Terra Cognita (Europe)
Terra Cresta (Europe)
Terramex (Europe)
Terror of the Deep (Europe)
Terry's Big Adventure (Europe)
Test Drive (USA)
Tetris (Mirrorsoft Ltd.) (Europe)
Thanatos (Europe)
They $tole a Million (Europe)
Thing Bounces Back (Europe)
Thing on a Spring (Europe)
Thomas the Tank Engine (Europe)
Through the Trapdoor (Europe)
Thrust (Europe)
Thrust II (Europe)
Thunderbirds (Firebird) (Europe)
Thunderbirds (Grandslam Entertainment Ltd.) (Europe)
ThunderBlade (USA)
ThunderBolt (Europe)
ThunderCats - The Lost Eye of Thundera (Europe)
Tiger Mission (USA)
Tiger Road (USA)
Tilt (Codemasters) (Europe)
Time Machine (USA)
Time Tunnel (Europe)
Time Scanner (USA)
Time Traveller (Audiogenic Software Ltd.) (Europe)
Times of Lore (USA)
Titanic (Europe)
Titanic Blinky (Europe)
Titans (Europe)
Toadforce (Europe)
Toki (Europe)
Tomahawk (Europe)
Tomcat (Europe)
Top Cat - Beverly Hills Cats (Europe)
Total Recall (Europe)
Tour de France (USA)
Tower of Despair (USA)
Toy Bizarre (USA)
Track & Field (USA)
Tracksuit Manager (Europe)
Trading Game, The (Europe)
Train Robbers (Europe)
Trains (USA)
Transformers (Europe)
Trantor - The Last Stormtrooper (Europe)
Trap (Europe)
Trap Door, The (Europe)
Trashman (New Generation Software) (Europe)
TRAZ - Transformable Arcade Zone (Europe)
Treasure Hunt (Europe)
Treasure Island (Mastertronic) (Europe)
Treasure Island Dizzy (Europe)
Triad (Livewire) (Europe)
Triaxos (Europe)
Trivial Fruit (Europe)
Trollie Wallie (Europe)
Trolls (Europe)
Trolls and Tribulations (USA)
Tube, The (Europe)
Tubular Bells (Europe)
Tunnel Vision (Europe)
Turbo Boat Simulator (Europe)
Turtle Jump (Europe)
Tusker (Europe)
Twin Kingdom Valley (Europe)
Twinky Goes Hiking (Europe)
Typhoon (Europe)
UCM - Ultimate Combat Mission (Europe)
Ugh! (Play Byte) (Europe) (Unl)
Ugh! (Softek) (Europe)
Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness (USA)
UN Squadron (Europe)
Underwurlde (Europe)
Untouchables, The (Europe)
Vampire (Europe)
Very Big Cave Adventure, The (Europe)
View to a Kill, A (Europe)
Viking Raider (USA)
Vindicator!, The (Europe)
Vixen (Europe)
Viz (Europe)
Voodoo Castle (Text + Graphics) (USA)
Vortex Raider (Europe)
Wacky Races (Europe)
Wallie Goes to Rhymeland (Europe)
WAR (Europe)
Warrior II (Europe)
Wembley Greyhounds (Europe)
Werewolves of London (Europe)
West Bank (Europe)
Where's my Bones (Europe)
Widow's Revenge (USA)
White Viper (Europe)
Who Dares Wins (Alligata Software) (Europe)
Who Dares Wins II (Europe)
Wicked (Europe)
Wild West Seymour (Europe)
William Wobbler (Europe)
Wipeout (USA)
Wiz (Europe)
Wizard of Wor (USA)
Wizard's Lair (Europe)
Wizardry (Europe)
WWF European Rampage Tour (Europe)
WWF WrestleMania (Europe)
X-15 Alpha Mission (USA)
X-29 Fighter Mission (USA)
Xeno (Europe)
Xenon (Melbourne House) (Europe)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (Europe)
Yogi's Great Escape (Europe)
Z (Europe)
Zaga (Europe)
Zaxxon (Synapse Software) (USA)
Zenith (Europe)
Zenji (USA)
Zeta-7 (Europe)
Zim Sala Bim (Europe)
Zoid (Europe)
Zoids (Europe)
Zolyx (Europe)
Zone 7 (Netherlands)
Zone Ranger (USA)
Zoomerang (Europe)
Zulu (Europe)
Zybex (Europe)
Zynaps (Europe)