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301 Jeu(x)

180 (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)(128k)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (1988)(Go!)
Abu Simbel Profanation (1985)(Dinamic Software)(es)
Advanced Pinball Simulator (1990)(Codemasters)[a2]
After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Afterburner (1988)(Activision)
Alchemist (1983)(Imagine Software)
Alien (1985)(Mind Games)
Alien 8 (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Alien Highway - Encounter 2 (1986)(Vortex Software)
Alien Syndrome (1987)(ACE Software)(128k)[t +2]
Animated Strip Poker (1985)(Knightsoft)
Ant Attack (1983)(Quicksilva)
Arkanoid (1987)(Imagine Software)
Arkanoid II - Revenge of Doh (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Army Moves (1986)(Imagine Software)(128k)[re-release]
Astro Marine Corps (1989)(Dinamic Software)(128k)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
Astro Marine Corps (1989)(Dinamic Software)(128k)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Astroclone (1985)(Hewson Consultants)
Athena (1987)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Atic Atac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)
ATV Simulator - All Terrain Vehicle (1987)(Codemasters)(128k)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(128k)
Avenger (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(128k)
Back to Skool (1985)(Microsphere)
Barbarian - 2 Players (1987)(Palace Software)
Barbarian (1988)(Melbourne House)(128k)
Batman - The Caped Crusader - Part 1 - A Bird in the Hand (1988)(Ocean Software)
Batman - The Caped Crusader - Part 2 - A Fete Worse than Death (1988)(Ocean Software)
Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Batman (1986)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Batty (1987)(Hit-Pak)
Bignose's USA Adventure (1992)(Codemasters)
Blade Warrior (1988)(Codemasters)
Blasteroids (1987)(Image Works)(128k)
Bobby Bearing (1986)(The Edge Software)
Bomb Jack (1986)(Elite Systems)(128k)
Booty (1984)(Firebird Software)
Boulder Dash (1984)(Front Runner)
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (1984)(US Gold)
Bruce Lee (1984)(US Gold)
Bubble Bobble (1987)(Firebird Software)(128k)
Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)
Cabal (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Camelot Warriors (1986)(Ariolasoft UK)[a][re-release]
Camelot Warriors (1986)(Dinamic Software)(es)[cr Roby][t +2]
Capitan Sevilla (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
Capitan Sevilla (1988)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Capitan Trueno (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
Capitan Trueno (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)
Castle Master (1990)(Incentive Software)
Cauldron (1985)(Palace Software)[a2]
Cauldron II - The Pumpkin Strikes Back (1986)(Palace Software)[a]
Chaos - The Battle of the Wizards (1985)(Games Workshop)
Chase H.Q. (1989)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Chuckie Egg (1983)(A & F Software)
Cobra (1986)(Ocean Software)
Codename Mat (1984)(Micromega)
Combat School (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Commando (1985)(Elite Systems)
Contact Sam Cruise (1986)(Microsphere)
Cruising on Broadway (1983)(Sunshine Books)
Cybernoid II - The Revenge (1988)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)
Cyclone (1985)(Vortex Software)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 1 (1984)(Ocean Software)
Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Day 2 (1984)(Ocean Software)
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]
Daley Thompson's Supertest (1985)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]
Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future (1986)(Virgin Games)
Dark Sceptre (1987)(Firebird Software)
Dark Side (1988)(Incentive Software)
Dark Star (1985)(Design Design Software)
Deactivators (1986)(Reaktor)(128k)
Deep Strike (1986)(Durell Software)
Deflektor (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Deflektor (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[a]
Desert Rats (1985)(CCS)(128k)
Dizzy - Down the Rapids (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy II - Treasure Island Dizzy (1988)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy III - Fantasy World Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy IV - Magicland Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy V - Spellbound Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy VI - Prince of the Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)(128k)
Dizzy VII - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (1992)(Codemasters)(128k)
Doomdark's Revenge (1985)(Beyond Software)
Dragon's Lair II - Escape from Singe's Castle (1987)(Software Projects)(128k)
Driller (1987)(Incentive Software)
Dun Darach (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
Dynamite Dan (1985)(Mirrorsoft)[a]
Elite (1985)(Firebird Software)[a]
Enduro Racer (1987)(Activision)(128k)
Enigma Force (1985)(Beyond Software)
Equinox (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
Exolon (1987)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)
Fairlight - A Prelude (1985)(The Edge Software)(128k)
Fall Guy, The (1985)(Elite Systems)
Fantastic Voyage (1984)(Quicksilva)
Fast Food Dizzy (1989)(Codemasters)(128k)
Feud (1987)(Bulldog)(128k)
Finders Keepers (1985)(Mastertronic)[Magic Knight 1]
Firefly (1988)(Ocean Software)
Firelord (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
Frank Bruno's Boxing (1985)(Elite Systems)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1985)(Ocean Software)
Fred (1984)(Quicksilva)[re-release]
Freddy Hardest (1987)(Imagine Software)(Part 1 of 2)[re-release]
Freddy Hardest (1987)(Imagine Software)(Part 2 of 2)[re-release]
Frost Byte (1986)(Mikro-Gen)
Game Over (1987)(Imagine Software)(128k)[re-release]
Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (1988)(The Edge Software)
Ghost Hunters (1987)(Codemasters)
Ghostbusters II (1989)(Activision)
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (1989)(US Gold)(128k)
Gladiator (1986)(Domark)(128k)
Glider Rider (1987)(Quicksilva)(128k)
Great Escape, The (1986)(Ocean Software)
Green Beret (1986)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Gregory Loses his Clock (1989)(Mastertronic Plus)
Gryzor (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Guardian II - Revenge of the Mutants (1990)(Hi-Tec Software)
Gunfright (1985)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Gyron - Atrium (1985)(Firebird Software)
Gyroscope (1985)(Melbourne House)
Happiest Days of Your Life, The (1986)(Firebird Software)
Head over Heels (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Heartland (1986)(Odin Computer Graphics)
Heavy on the Magick (1986)(Gargoyle Games)
Herbert's Dummy Run (1985)(Mikro-Gen)
Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Graphics Software)(128k)
Highway Encounter (1985)(Vortex Software)
Horace Goes Skiing (1982)(Sinclair Research)(16k)
Hudson Hawk (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)[a]
Hunchback (1984)(Ocean Software)
Hundra (1987)(Dinamic Software)(es)
Hydrofool (1987)(Faster Than Light)(128k)
I, Ball (1987)(Firebird Software)
I, Ball II - Quest for the Past (1987)(Firebird Software)
Ikari Warriors (1988)(Elite Systems)
Impossaball (1987)(Hewson Consultants)
Impossible Mission (1985)(US Gold)
Incredible Shrinking Fireman, The (1986)(Mastertronic)
International Match Day (1987)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Jack the Nipper (1986)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Jack the Nipper II - In Coconut Capers (1987)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Jet Set Willy
Jet Set Willy (1984)(Software Projects)
Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier (1985)(Software Projects)
Jetpac (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)(16k)
Jumping Jack (1983)(Imagine Software)
Knight Lore (1984)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Knight Tyme (1986)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)(128k)[Magic Knight 3]
Knot in 3D (1983)(New Generation Software)
Kokotoni Wilf (1984)(Elite Systems)
Kosmic Kanga (1984)(Micromania)
Kwik Snax Dizzy (1990)(Codemasters)(128k)
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 1]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 2]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 3]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 4]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 5]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 6]
Laser Squad (1988)(Blade Software)(128k)[scenario 7]
Last Ninja 2 (1988)(System 3 Software)(128k)
Legions of Death (1987)(MC Lothlorien)
Light Force (1986)(Faster Than Light)
Little Puff in Dragonland (1990)(Codemasters)
Lode Runner (1984)(Software Projects)(128k)
Lords of Chaos - World 2 - The Slayers Dungeon (1990)(Blade Software)
Lords of Chaos - World 3 - Ragaril's Domain (1990)(Blade Software)
Lords of Chaos - World 4 - The Islands of Iris (1990)(Blade Software)
Lords of Chaos - World 5 - The Tombs of the Undead (1990)(Blade Software)
Lords of Midnight, The (1984)(Beyond Software)
Lunar Jetman (1983)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Mad Mix Game - The Pepsi Challenge (1988)(US Gold)[re-release]
Manic Miner (1983)(Bug-Byte Software)
Marauder (1988)(Hewson Consultants)(128k)
Marsport (1985)(Gargoyle Games)
Match Day (1985)(Ocean Software)
Match Day II (1987)(Ocean Software)
Match Point (1984)(Sinclair Research)
Maziacs (1983)(DK'Tronics)
Mercenary - Escape from Targ (1987)(Novagen Software)
Midnight Resistance (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Mined-Out (1983)(Quicksilva)
Misterio del Nilo, El (1987)(Zigurat Software)(es)
Monty is Innocent (1985)(Gremlin Graphics Software)
Monty on the Run (1985)(Gremlin Graphics Software)[a]
Moon Alert (1984)(Ocean Software)[speech]
Moon Cresta (1985)(Incentive Software)
Moon Strike (1987)(Mirrorsoft)(128k)
Movie (1986)(Imagine Software)
Movie (1986)(Imagine Software)[a]
Murray Mouse Super Cop (1992)(Codemasters)
Myth - History in the Making (1989)(System 3 Software)
N.O.M.A.D. (1986)(Ocean Software)
Nemesis (1987)(Konami)
Nether Earth (1987)(Argus Press Software)
Nodes of Yesod (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)
Nosferatu the Vampyre (1986)(Piranha)
Operation Wolf (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Penetrator (1982)(Melbourne House)
Pentagram (1986)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Phantomas (1986)(Codemasters)[re-release]
Phantomas (1986)(Dinamic Software)(es)[t]
Pheenix (1983)(Megadodo)(16k)
Ping Pong (1984)(Ronny Nordqvist)(se)
Power Drift (1989)(Activision)(128k)
Quazatron (1986)(Hewson Consultants)
Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Rambo (1985)(Ocean Software)
Rastan (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Renegade (1987)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Renegade II - Target Renegade (1988)(Imagine Software)(128k)
Renegade III - The Final Chapter (1989)(Imagine Software)(128k)[a]
Rescate Atlantida (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
Rescate Atlantida (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Rescue (1987)(Mastertronic)
Rex (1988)(Martech Games)(128k)
Rex (1988)(Martech Games)(Part 1 of 2)
Rex (1988)(Martech Games)(Part 2 of 2)
Rick Dangerous (1989)(Firebird Software)(128k)[t]
Robin of the Wood (1985)(Odin Computer Graphics)(128k)
Robocop (1988)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Robocop 2 (1990)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Robocop 3 (1992)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Roland's Rat Race (1985)(Ocean Software)
R-Type (1988)(Electric Dreams Software)[b]
Saboteur (1986)(Durell Software)
Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (1987)(Durell Software)(128k)
Sabre Wulf (1984)(Ultimate Play The Game)
Savage (1988)(Firebird Software)(128k)
Scooby Doo (1986)(Elite Systems)
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop (1992)(Codemasters)(128k)
Shockway Rider (1987)(Faster Than Light)
Sim City (1989)(Infogrames)
Sir Fred (1986)(Mikro-Gen)[re-release]
Sir Lancelot (1984)(Melbourne House)
Skool Daze (1985)(Microsphere)
Slightly Magic (1990)(Codemasters)(128k)
Smash TV (1991)(Ocean Software)(128k)
Sol Negro - Special Edition (1989)(Opera Soft)(es)(Part 1 of 2)
Sol Negro - Special Edition (1989)(Opera Soft)(es)(Part 2 of 2)
Space Harrier (1986)(Elite Systems)
Specventure (1986)(Mastertronic)
Spellbound (1984)(Beyond Software)
Spike in Transylvania (1991)(Codemasters)
Splat! (1983)(Incentive Software)
Spy vs Spy (1985)(Beyond Software)
Star Raiders II (1987)(Electric Dreams Software)
Starstrike II (1986)(Realtime Games Software)
Stonkers (1983)(Imagine Software)
Stop the Express (1983)(Sinclair Research)
Stormbringer (1987)(Mastertronic Added Dimension)(128k)[Magic Knight 4]
Strider (1989)(US Gold)(128k)
Strike Force Cobra (1986)(Piranha)
Strike Force Harrier (1986)(Mirrorsoft)(128k)
Super Robin Hood (1987)(Codemasters)
Super Stuntman (1988)(Codemasters)
Sweevo's World (1986)(Gargoyle Games)
Swords & Sorcery (1985)(PSS)
Target Renegade (1988)(The Hit Squad)
Through the Trap Door (1987)(Piranha)
Through the Trap Door (1987)(Piranha)[a]
Trap Door, The (1986)(Piranha)
Turbo Esprit (1986)(Durell Software)
Turrican (1990)(Rainbow Arts)(128k)[incomplete]
Universal Hero (1986)(Mastertronic)
Way of the Exploding Fist, The (1985)(Melbourne House)
Wild West Seymour (1992)(Codemasters)(128k)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (1985)(Imagine Software)(128k)